Welcome to an entirely new model for the finishing shop.

Shmaze Custom Coatings is at the forefront in the development of non-conventional coatings and application techniques with results that are truly remarkable. We specialize in finishes that are realistic and authentic, elevating the automotive "living room environment" to an entirely new level.

SCC has taken wood grain finishes to a level of detail and realism that make them nearly indistinguishable from genuine wood products. We have mastered the application of metalized finishes for plastic and are currently developing processes that will revolutionize this segment of the industry. Our fashion-forward design approach opens up many creative possibilities for automotive color and trim.

SCC is leading the way in applying quality control practices that were previously dismissed as unnecessary in the coating business. We are perfecting very strict clean room protocols and forward-thinking packaging designs that are providing impressive results in both finish quality and production yields.

SCC is currently developing solutions for polypropylene and other substrates and is in development of proprietary vacuum metalizing equipment and techniques which are providing incredibly authentic metalized finishes for plastic. We are dedicated to innovation and the perfection of coatings and coating techniques, even developing our own pigments and paint recipes.

Shmaze Custom Coatings is in the business of doing what no other finishing shop can do - or really could even imagine doing. We are passionate about finding solutions to problems that our customers are facing and we take pride in our ability to research, develop and deliver very workable solutions that will allow you to achieve your design objectives.

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