Shmaze Custom Coatings specializes in finishes that are realistic and authentic. We strive to work with designers to help them create color harmonies within the desired tones and textures for each project. Our forward thinking approach to design opens up many creative possibilities.

Shmaze Custom Coatings is currently developing alternative solutions for adhesion to polypropylene and other substrates. We are dedicated to innovation and the perfection of coatings and coating techniques, including the development of our own color tones and coatings.

Shmaze Custom Coatings is in the business of doing what no other coating facility can do. We are passionate about finding solutions to problems that our customers are facing and we take pride in our ability to research, develop and deliver very workable solutions that will allow you to achieve your design objectives on time.
What's New

Shmaze goes extreme with new hydro graphic thermal mask.

Shmaze walks on the wild side with a new Sabot bike frame.

Shmaze boldly goes where no man has gone before.