Shmaze utilizes environmentally sound solutions like carefully refurbishing lithium batteries from reclaimed cell phones, not dumping them in landfills. By using High Volume, Low-pressure sprayers (H.V.L.P.s) our factory encounters 40% less overspray. An added benefit of these modifications is that they deliver greater transfer efficiency.

We purify the exhaust from our factory by implementing a three-stage air scrubber. It absorbs 99.8 % of the Volatile Organic Compounds. (V.O.C.s) . This new, state-of-the-art filtration system enables us to be compliant with the newly enacted law created by the California Air Quality Management District (A.Q.M.D) in January 05, without compromising quality, production yields, or profit for our customers. (A.Q.M.D. Letter)

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